Teen Suicide

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Most do not actually complete suicide, however certainly have very strong thoughts and feelings about it. Suicide Ideation needs to be addressed immediately. There can be so many factors leading up to this. School peers (teen peer pressure) can be brutal without even knowing it.  A teen can feel alienated from their family and friends when they are suffering from depression and low self esteem.  Many times their pain is masked and it is hard to determine what a teen is thinking or feeling.

A person can say something innocent and the teen takes it completely out of context. The feeling of rejection, either by a boyfriend/girlfriend or their own peers can be devastating to a teen. The teen most likely, lacks the self- esteem and confidence to realize they are special and important. When this happens the teen can experience feelings of depression and can lead to harmful thoughts.

Sometimes we have seen a family going through some very difficult times whether it is financial or marital issues; the child actually takes on the blame and the guilt without realizing these adult problems are not related to them. This can be so overwhelming to a child and they feel at a loss; the weight of the burden of the family on their minds can be overwhelming with emotions.

If you suspect your child is suicidal, please get help immediately. They may need a residential program, again one that offers positive peer culture and can offer the help they need. They need to build up their character to a higher sense of self worth. Suicidal Ideation is to be taken extremely seriously.  As a parent, reach out for help, there are many people willing to listen and guide you.  Please refer to www.fisponline.org  for more vital information on Suicide.

If you would like more information on Residential Treatment Centers, Therapeutic Boarding Schools, Emotional Growth Programs, Life Skills Programs, Boarding Schools, Teen Help Programs, Behavior Modification Programs or Summer Programs, please complete our Information Request Form for a free consultation.


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