Alternative Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens in Georgia

Alternative Boarding Schools for At-Risk Teens in Georgia


Are you struggling with your teen in Georgia and considering an alternative option such as a therapeutic boarding school?


Benefits of a therapeutic boarding school for your troubled teenager


A therapeutic boarding school is a type of alternative school that specializes in educating and helping troubled teenagers and young adults.


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These troubles can range from behavioral and emotional challenges, to cognitive learning challenges that can’t be properly addressed in a traditional school environment.


In addition to offering classes, these schools typically provide psychological counseling and are often involved with the students on a very deep level to help rehabilitate them and restore their mental, physical, and emotional health.


Why Do Students Attend Therapeutic Boarding Schools?


Students often attend therapeutic schools because they have psychological issues to work on, including substance abuse or emotional and behavioral needs. Students sometimes have to attend residential programs or therapeutic boarding schools in order to have a completely drug-free environment removed from negative influences at home. Other students who attend therapeutic schools have psychiatric diagnoses or learning issues such as oppositional defiant disorderdepression or other mood disorders, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD or ADD, or learning disabilities.


Other students in therapeutic schools are attempting to understand difficult life situations and need stricter environments and healthier strategies for doing so. Most students who attend therapeutic schools have faced academic failure in mainstream educational settings and need strategies to help them succeed.


Some students in therapeutic boarding schools need to be removed from their home environment, in which they are out-of-control and/or aggressive. Most students who attend residential therapy are in high school, but some schools accept them slightly younger as well as there are young adult programs.

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