Boot Camps

Teen Boot Camps

P.U.R.E.™ never promotes, refers, or recommends anyone to boot camps.

There are safe alternatives to boot camps.

Help Your Teens canstockphoto24014719-240x300 Boot Camps We believe in building our teens back up, not breaking them down. Many teens are suffering with low self esteem, which can lead to negative behavior.

Placing a defiant and negative child into a potentially punitive environment such as a boot camp, you risk having your child return home with more anger and resentment. This rage is usually targeted at the person who placed them there– the parent.

We believe in locating positive, encouraging and safe schools and programs to build your teen’s self confidence, to make better choices and determine where the negative behavior is stemming from.

With this emotional growth, your teen and your family can start healing towards a content, happy and healthy home life as well as academic achievement.

As parents, it is our responsibility to find a school or program that will instill positive values, educate our teens, and help our children through the difficult times they were having at home and/or school. It is time to bring the family back together.

Is your teen struggling with depression? Have they become more withdrawn from family and friends? Addicted to social media or their devices (gaming)? Are you concerned their new peer group? Maybe they are experimenting with drugs or drinking?

If your teen’s behavior is gradually out-of-control or you feel like you’re hostage in your own home, and you’ve exhausted your local resources. Maybe it’s time to consider residential therapy. Learn more about quality teen help programs.

P.U.R.E.™ invites you to fill out a free consultation form for more information on finding the appropriate help for your teen.

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