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For Parents

ADD/ADHD, OCD and Bipolar Teens and Children

Academics, Learning Differences

Adopted Children and Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)

Teen Books

Parenting Cyber Safety, Privacy and Security

Spiritual Reading

Websites and Resources for Parents

Cyberwise (Parents Learn Digital Citizenship)

Cyber Civics (Digital Citizenship Lessons) Sign your school up today!

Social Assurity – Securing your teen’s social media presence.

Digital Armour – Online reputation service for your teenager.

Stop Bullying (Official Gov Stop Bullying site)

Your Teen Magazine for Parents

ADDitude Magazine – Parenting teens with ADD/ADHD

Cyberbullying Research Center

Adoptive Families Circle

Stop Medicine Abuse

Tyler Clementi Foundation

Wrights Law (Understanding Special Education and IEP’s)

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..and many more.

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    • Online Safety: Starting Kids Early July 6, 2020
      Ten reasons kids should be online at an early age Much has been made of the potentially hazardous landscape for children that is the internet, and rightly so. Parents do need to be concerned about how their children make use of this valuable tool, and a valuable tool it surely is. No longer a luxury […]
    • Bad Habits Teens Pick-up from Social Media Platforms June 5, 2020
      7 ways to help your teen avoid bad habits on social media. You had to have seen this one coming: kids are picking up bad habits from their extensive use of social media. This can’t come as too big of a surprise though, because it stands to reason that something so popular and fun would […]
    • Online Reputation During Quarantine Life April 29, 2020
      Online Reputation: A reflection of your character both online and offline. As we are witnessing unemployment rise, people are becoming more and more anxious and stressed about their future. This is all completely understandable — the unknown can be scary especially when it concerns money, jobs and careers. More time online During this quarantine life, […]

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