My Daughter Is Driving Me Crazy

Help, my teen daughter is driving me crazy!

Help Your Teens PexelsGirlinField-300x198 My Daughter Is Driving Me Crazy Reality is, that is how Parent Universal Resource Expert’s (P.U.R.E.) started. Sue Scheff, founder of P.U.R.E., was struggling with her daughter, who was a good kid making some bad choices.

After she hired an educational consultant that quickly wanted her to go into wilderness, she knew she was on her own.

Best-selling author, Kari Kampakis, recently shared Sue’s story in hopes of helping many families that might be in this same situation.

So it begins…….

Friends, raising teens is hard, and sometimes parents feel desperate – certain their child needs help, yet uncertain of where to turn. Some organizations prey on this, and many “rehabilitation centers” for troubled teens present a good facade and then abuse their teens behind closed doors. Even Paris Hilton recently revealed the abuse she suffered at a boarding school for troubled teens.

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