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Parent Testimonials

A sample of parent testimonials since 2001. For almost two decades, P.U.R.E.™ continues to bring families back together.

Thank you very much for calling me and talking with me about my son, and thanks for emailing valuable information. It does help when someone else understands what you are dealing.
Luellen W., CT

I can’t express enough how grateful I’m that you went the extra mile to get me this information. May the Lord double reward you for your kindness.
Cynthia D., MI

Thank you so much for this useful information Sue. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.
Sharon H., NY

Thank you so much for your quick response .I really appreciate the information and I’m sure it will be a great help.
Vivian, PA

I have used your resources extensively and have integrated your suggestions when looking at different school programs. Thank you for your interest and for the help you provide to those looking to make good decisions regarding our children.
Jack P., CA

First of all…Bravo to you…you are my hero. I hope that in some way I can accomplish what you have done when standing up to the injustice of cyberbullying, cyberstalking and the abuse of power to control others.
Terry S., CO

Your case was unprecedented and very encouraging. The situation has been devastating. I would appreciate the help and guidance you have given me.
Christine N., FL

Chaos has a whole new meaning this week. Thank you again for being one of the lighthouses in the fog of parenting.
Michael B., FL

Oh wow!! Thank you so much for your help. I’m looking for state funded schools and will contact the resources you have provided. Thank you so much and have a blessed day!!
Tami P., DE

Keep up the good work you do. I read a lot about you. Love your grit. Hang in there, and thanks again for sharing your story.
Karen T., TX

Thank you for your help, it was priceless.
Olga C., NY

After being so confused online and feeling hopeless, you provided me with information I could actually use to help my son. Thank you so much!
Victoria W., CT

Thank you so much for sharing your story with me! I don’t feel so alone and I actually believe that there are people that want to help. Thank you again!
Renee B., IL

Can’t thank you enough, I finally feel like I have objective direction to get my daughter help.
Patty, FL

Thank you so much. It is actually for my step-daughter and granddaughters. I will pass this information on. Your help is appreciated.

I wanted to follow up with you. Thank you for your advice and recommendation. I visited [name withheld] personally the week before I brought my son up. I think it will be exactly what he needs to develop socially and emotionally. I have been impressed in the 4 days he has been there with the various contacts that the staff has made with me to keep me informed on [name withheld] progress and attend to his educational, medical and emotional needs. No fewer than 7 people have contacted me in the first 3 days, very important to a parent who is anxious to know their child is in good hands.
Thanks for your help and support.

Dori, FL

Hi Sue.

Thank you for all your help. I felt totally overwhelmed by the amount of info to weed through and your recommendation was right-on. You helped me and my family more than you’ll ever know and I am eternally grateful. Now it’s up to Amy, so please say a prayer for her.

Barbara, NY


Thank you for listening and trying to help. Trust me you were kinder and cared more than the hospital!

Barbara, TX

Thank you for your help and understanding. If I can ever help you with anything let me know.

Thank You
God Bless
Pamela, SC

Thank you again Sue.

It is wonderful to have people who care for others and give their time to help.

With much gratitude,

Renee, MA

Dear Sue,

Thank you for being so kind and talking to me today and reassuring me so much with my daughter’s issues. I know for a fact that your book has saved my daughter’s life and I want you to know that. Before yesterday, I was lost in an ocean of despair and didn’t really see any way out of it. I now know that the storm will pass and that it will somehow get better. THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your story and for your mission to help troubled teens…

Again Sue, you have NO IDEA what you have done for me today. I will never forget that search that led me to your book. I pray that God keeps guiding you in this VERY IMPORTANT WORK.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Odalys, FL

Thank you so much for getting back to me, and so quickly! As I’m sure you know, when someone feels like they’re drowning a little support goes a long way…

Thanks again SO much for your quick response. I desperately want us to start the healing process as soon as possible.

All the best
Shelli G., VA

Dear Sue,

Thank you for all your help. It was a God send. I am glad you are out there…..

With much appreciation,
Donna, FL


I know we have a long way to go, but we have started on the road and your help was greatly appreciated!

Jeff, Canada


I have used your website extensively and have integrated your suggestions when looking at different school programs.

Thank you for your interest and for the help you provide to those looking to make good decisions regarding our children.

J., CA

Dear Sue:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help when I was in need to get help for my son. So once again thank you for your input in helping me make the right decision.

Lisa, RI


Thank you so much for your guidance. You will never know how much comfort you have given me.

Maria A., NJ

Thank you very much for getting back to me. We feel so helpless right now it is endearing to find support where we can.
Thank you, again.
Kyme G., TX

Hi Sue,

Thank you for your follow up. I’m so glad there are organizations like your own that are available.

Thank you again,
Marianne W., IL


My daughter is doing fine now and has improved 95% since the last time I sent the e-mail. I appreciate your concern in this matter and am glad that people like you are always there to help.

Thank you
Tony E., NC


Thank you for being there for not only me but for the many parents/ caregivers that are searching for answers and proper treatment for their child. I believe that we are on the right path (in my situation) yet will certainly reach out again (to you) should things take a different path.
Pat S., RI

it meant so much just knowing that there was someone I could call…

Rebecca T., KY

Dear Sue,

Thank you for replying to my ‘cry for help’. I spoke with Lorraine a few days ago and I found her to be understanding, knowledgeable, upfront and more importantly a parent who cares.

Patty B., NY

Thank you so very much for your phone call. I am most grateful for your info I am now on a mission to get my granddaughter help and I again want to thank you .

Beth E., FL

Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly. I am afraid I am at my wits end, but after reading about your ordeal with your daughter and everything that you have learned since then, I am optimistic that I will be able to find qualified help for [name withheld]. Thank you again.

Martha P., MD

Thanks for all the help and support. I looked at your website and saw immediately that my son meets most of the criteria for RAD. He was adopted at 3 months and I previously thought that this could not be an issue. I will definitely look into appropriate treatment for this. Thank you very much!!!

Sarah N., FL

I really enjoy speaking with you and cannot thank you enough for all you have done.

Be Blessed,
Carol P., NY

I will call you but I did want to at least drop a line to thank you, thank you, thank you, for your wisdom and direction. Thanks for listening!!

Carol W., PA

I just wanted to give you an update. Based on your recommendation, I visited [XXXX XXXX] and found it to be a warm, loving environment. I placed my daughter there one month ago. It was unbelievably difficult, but I feel sure that I made the right choice. She is beginning to admit that she has some issues to work on and I can rest assured that she is safe and well cared for. I knew that, if I kept her at home, it was only a matter of time before I would have gotten a call from the police dept., the emergency room or, heaven forbid, the coroner’s office. You may have helped me save my daughter’s life and for that I will be eternally grateful. Thank you so much for your wonderful service!

Diane A., AL

Dear Sue.

Thank for your help. It’s so hard to find help for children theses days. So when I seen your response it just brighten my day so I just want to say thanks.


Scarlet L., TX

Thank you for your help and interest in [XXXXX].

Mary D., TN


Thanks very much for responding. Thank you again for your email. It’s a comforting thing to know someone is out there who understands and may be able to point me in a direction.

Merry Christmas,

Lisa F., NV

I just wanted to let you know that I placed [name withheld] in the [name withheld] facility this Saturday. I met [XXX], and found them to be just wonderful loving people. The facility is rather plain, but has a home feeling. The girls there seem to be happy and know they are there because this is a good place for them to be right now.

I am very grateful for you help, because without it, I might have gone with a larger program such as [XXX XXXXX], and that would not have
been the best for her.

Joe D., NY

Thank you for your quick response to my e-request. I will call Marie as soon as I can find some time to do so, most likely later today. This is a very helpful resource.

Thanks for setting it up.


Nancy H., WA

I just wanted to thank you for getting back with me so soon. Please keep me informed on any information that may help me with [XXX]. God blessed me with her and it is my job as a mother to teach her right from wrong and some things a mother can’t do on their on and they need help. That’s why I turned to you. And thank you for the information.

Angelia K., KY


You are a dream. This is truly amazing. I am going to visit the website you referred me. Thank you, we will continue our correspondence.

David P., Italy

We were totally lost and this gave us some hope and now that he is there, we feel overwhelming relief. Thanks again.

John D., MA

Dear Sue,

I am sending you and your team an email of support, praise and encouragement for the work you are doing in exposing private institutions that so blatantly disregard the rights of our children. Having just viewed a program about your fight against [XXXXX] I felt compelled to write to your organization. My heart goes out to all the children/teens that are or have been in contact with [XXXXX].

Prue C., Australia

Dear P.U.R.E.,

I just saw a documentary from when you won the freedom of speech case. I now see you have done better again. I was horrified by what I saw and inspired to write to say how wonderful you are. I was also impressed by how brave people in the show were.

Best wishes,

Sam M., NSW

I just watched a documentary on your organization and the wonderful and truly brave work you are doing to improve child protection laws in the USA. I just wanted to say that your program was a real inspiration and I am totally in awe of what you are trying to achieve in very difficult circumstances.

God bless….

Lisa R., Australia

I wanted to send you an update to let you know that my son has been at [name withheld] now for 4 months and 11 days and he is doing great. I had the opportunity to visit him a couple of weeks ago and took him off the ranch for a long weekend.
I am encouraged by the changes he is making and the feedback I have received from everyone at [name withheld].

It is important for you to know that your work at P.U.R.E. was and is invaluable. I pray for every struggling parent with a struggling teen that they can find the path to P.U.R.E..

I’ve attached a couple of pictures from my visit to Utah. The top two are my two children, [name withheld] on the left and my daughter on right ( happy to see her bro).


If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything
-Kate, FL

Dear Pure,
Sue Scheff gave us honest information about programs that helped our extended family find an appropriate placement for a teen relative going thru a difficult time. She guided us gently in the right direction and helped every step of the way. She never pushed her opinion or gave unsolicited advice, but she was available when approached. She showed her integrity by consistently updating the information she provided on programs. Sue has been very patient and generous with her time. She walked me thru the process and helped me see the triumphs and accept the setbacks. In these troubling times, it is a source of great comfort to know that people like Sue exist. She is dedicated to helping families. She is also a devoted mother who puts a great deal of positive energy into raising her own children as a single parent. Although I haven’t yet met Sue in person, I have had contact with her by phone and by e-mail for more than a year. She has been an ongoing source of support and inspiration. She speaks from the heart and from her own experience. Her motivation is to do good. She is serving the community and the nation. She is saving lives and families. She is a hero to our family and others.
Margaret W., Washington, DC

Dear Sue,

My goodness, thank you for your detailed and informative email. At first I was reluctant to write to P.U.R.E. because I thought there was some gimmick involved, that I would be solicited for whatever reason, or my name and address sold on some mailing list, and be besieged with phone calls. However, after getting your informative email with no solicitation whatsoever, I feel bad for even thinking such thoughts and commend you for helping out parents like myself, in need, but not to the point of a juvenile detention, which is what I have been directed to most of the time while seeking help for my teenager.

Thanks again for your help and guidance, I most certainly will look into all that you have given me.

Donna B., S.C.

Dear Sue,
I was lost and confused. My son was hospitalized and I never experienced this feeling of being lost to help my child. Then our Psychiatrist gave me your name and organization. What a blessing! God was listening to my cries for help when you answered the phone. Our son is successfully placed at a wonderful facility getting the exact help he needed thanks to you. I will be forever grateful to you.
Gayle R., FL


I would like to thank you for your recommendations for my son. I have been doing extensive research for the past few weeks, including talking to an IEC (for $400 for a 1 hour initial consultation and the request for an additional $2100 if I wanted specific names of schools). I’ve read every website, and every message board. After all this research, I have decided to enroll my son in (name omitted for confidentiality), based on your recommendation.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Nina M., MD

Dear Sue,
I want to thank you for your honesty and time. I actually paid $3500.00 to an Educational Consultant that didn’t understand a portion of what you did about my daughter. You are a professional and most of all a parent that feels my pain. With your guidance, I have successfully placed our daughter into a nurturing qualified program with her peers. I constantly refer your site to so many parents and they are grateful also. Keep up the good work and please let me know if I can help. P.U.R.E. is a service that is so needed today.
Thank you,
Sally S., MA

Hi Sue,
It’s so nice to see my son smiling and healthy, just like you said. It is also very nice to see the face of the formerly unknown but kind and understanding person who has helped my family in such immeasurable ways. God has blessed our family by bringing us to you for advice and assistance. I pray that God blesses you and your family in similarly immeasurable ways.
Theresa L., MI

Dear folks at P.U.R.E.
Thank you for all you have done or tried to do to assist us with our search for the right placement for our daughter. Somehow, and I’m not sure just exactly how except for the notion that there was some divine guidance going on, we did find a place for her, and we dropped her off this past weekend.

My husband and I were very anxious this weekend, as was Courtney, and yes, it was a tearful time, but we left feeling that she would get the help and encouragement that she needs, as well as the love and nurturing that she still craves. Of course, this is just the beginning…we’ll keep you posted on how things progress from here, but as of today, we are VERY optimistic!

Thank you for your good wishes and support, best of luck to you, too.

Julie H., OH


Your organization, as well as, yourself should be commended for the job you do. In today’s fast paced world we tend to take certain services for granted until one is needed. You listened when no one else could help and provided the tools to seek out a program to give my child hope for the future. Thank you ever so much.

It is important that we stand behind our children and do everything possible to help them. Abraham Lincoln said it best, A child is a person who is going to carry on what you have started. He is going to sit where you are sitting, and when you are gone; attend to those things, which you think are important. You may adopt all the policies you please, but how they are carried out depends on him. He will assume control of your cities, states, and nations. He is going to move in and take over your churches, schools, universities, and corporations …… the fate of humanity is in his hands.

Thank you so very much,

J. David H., TN

Dear P.U.R.E.,

Thank you so much for your timely response and the information that you included. We are in the process of reviewing the two schools that you suggested. We may have had an easing of the situation at home tonight. Our son has finally realized that we are indeed serious about an intervention program or alternative school if necessary. He was quite shook up about it. We will see if this shift in attitude is real or just a temporary fear of his. That is a relief in itself to us just to know that help is always just a phone call away and that her services can be utilized at any time. Again we thank you sincerely for your help.

Leonard& Debbie O., TX

You are doing a great job, and your doing with style and ethics. My friend told me that her brother paid the Educational Consultant $6500.00 to find that school they pay $6,000. Per month. He probably also got his referral fee from the school.

I have no issue with people making money. You are doing a great job and should get paid for what you do. You didn’t charge me one cent for my piece of mind; but the school also benefits from your efforts and they should pay. I tell people about your organization all the time.
With Gratitude,
Jacque S., Esquire, TX

Dear P.U.R.E.
You certainly were helpful. I still have my daughter at home & we are trying to work things out. She is basically on house arrest. I am grateful that I bumped into your organization or I might have made the same sort of mistake that the founder did when I found the less expensive option. Before I spoke to you specifically about programs, I had e-mailed the contact person from there & was using a tid-bit of info that I had gotten from you. I simply asked if they had counseling on site at each of their locations & if it was included in the price he had given me since there shouldn’t be one single teen in crisis that doesn’t receive counseling. He didn’t respond via e-mail but left me a VM. I felt he was evading a simple question. I didn’t bother calling him back. You were so honest and upfront with me.

Thanks again. God Bless You!
Naomi C., TX


Thanks for the follow up and your concern about [Name Withheld] On Sue’s recommendation, I contacted the [Name Withheld], and dropped [Name Withheld] off there yesterday. It feels like a very sudden decision for me, but I felt that they appreciated our situation, and I could bear to see him wasting himself here any further with the trouble he’s been getting into. I didn’t want him to miss any more school, and he has already completely muffed this first semester. He seems happy with the situation, wants the structure and has been in a boarding school situation before, so there wasn’t any separation anxiety!

Helen S., FL

Dear Pure;

I want to thank you both for the moral support (Sue) and for the physical support (Greg) by visiting him when it was crucial back in November. Also for both of your words of wisdom and basically for being there for me in more ways than you can possibly imagine.

Gloria B., CT

Well it’s Tuesday morning and [Name Withheld] is safely in [Name Withheld] at [Name Withheld]. I can’t thank you enough for all you have done. I sincerely think that you are a saint. To be going through so much yourself and to help others as you have [Name Withheld], [Name Withheld] and I is amazing. You should keep patting yourself on the back for your incredible gift. I don’t think that I would have known what to do if we hadn’t continued to communicate all these months.

Peggy P. PhD., MI


I don’t know how my family will ever be able to thank you for all the time and effort you offered us and my daughter during this very difficult time. Thank you for being there and guiding us to a qualified school for our daughter. We see changes that we never thought could happen. I am so grateful that our Psychologist recommended us to you, as we almost got caught up in a terrible situation. P.U.R.E. should be commended for their devotion to families, and I assure you, you were our Guardian Angel.

Mary S., FL

Ms Cormany,

Thank you for checking on us. Yes, my family is still quite concerned about [Name Withheld]. Your information has been very useful, and my parents are still trying to decide exactly how to proceed.

I was frustrated at first when I started searching the Internet for such
programs. I kept coming up with few options, or empty handed. I’m glad I
could find P.U.R.E. so easily. Your quick and informative response was very helpful, and appreciated!

Thank you so much.

Matt M., TX


Sue was such a great help and yes she gave me lots of information that was very helpful. I wanted some place that was close to the house and she found a place that was just right around the corner. How great is that, I would of never of found that place with out the help of Sue’s and P.U.R.E.. I don’t no what I would of done if Sue didn’t help me. She had responded so quietly and gave me so much helpful information and everyone that she recommended to me also was full of wonderful information. They gave me lots of information on what was available to me as a single parent with very little income. P.U.R.E was such a lifesaver for my son and me; I don’t know what I would have done without Sue’s help: Thank you for all the information and help.

Thank you again for all your help and God Bless you all there at P.U.R.E.. Please keep up the great work.

Jerry L. PhD, OK

Thank you for your input, it is much appreciated. It is always good to hear valuable feedback.
Setting reasonable limits (which is always a challenge to determine) and at the same time being calm, non-emotional and loving is the biggest challenge of all I believe. Also difficult, is to perceive the way a fourteen year-old (or whatever the age) interprets or views what you are trying to teach or show them.
Thank you again!
Kathleen B, OH

I am overwhelmed and at a loss as to what to do. I have totally lost control. It is helpful to know that other parents have gone through this difficult time and survived. Again, thank you.

Jaime A., WI


It was such a pleasure speaking with you today. Thank you for taking your time to tell me about those options. What a special person you must be to have chosen the type of work you are doing. I am sure there is a place in heaven reserved for you.

Esther S., NJ

Dear Sue,

Thank you for your quick reply. I contacted Marie today and she was wonderful to speak with. We are looking into the facilities she suggested. Thank you so much for your help.

Best regards,
Bridget L., MN

Dear Pure,
Thank you for your follow up and concern. Per recommendations from Sue Scheff, I investigated summer programs. I was extremely impressed with [Name Withheld] and have registered my son for their summer program. I really feel this program is exactly what he needs. I would not have been able to locate it without Sue’s help. Also, because I will not be able to visit the school due to the distance between Texas and North Carolina, it was extremely beneficial to have a recommendation from someone who has a child enrolled. I appreciate P.U.R.E.’s support and follow up and will not hesitate to recommend it to parents reaching out to help their kids.
Thanks again,
Barbara G. TX

Dear P.U.R.E.
You guys were instrumental in our son being accepted to [Name Withheld]. Thank you so much for your guidance and support, you were guardian angels in my family’s time of need. My family will be forever in debt to your organization.
With sincere gratitude,
Cyndi B., TX

Hi Sue,
I really appreciated talking to you. The understanding alone made me feel better.
Eric R., TX

Hi Sue,
We exchanged e-mails a few months ago and you recommended [Name Withheld] to me. I enrolled my defiant teenage son there for the summer program and he did a fine job. He’s back at the school for the school year. I couldn’t be happier with the school. They’re all wonderful people there. My son’s tutor for this past school year was a former teacher and between your high recommendation and her first-hand experience there, I decided this was the place for him. So far so good!
Thanks so much.
With Regards,
Merry D., NC

Hi Sue,
I don’t know if you remember me but I had corresponded with you sometime ago. I almost sent my son to a school but I luckily found your website before I did. I was just curious as to how you were doing and how your daughter was doing. I just really wanted to say hi and see how you and your family is doing. I haven’t forgotten how much you meant to me when things were so bad.
Take care
Julie A., IL

Dear Sue,

I felt the need to write you this short letter. First off I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for enlightening me to the bad experiences of so many children. Last week I felt like I was at my wicks end with my daughter, it seemed that everyday there was another problem with her. So I just got on the Internet desperately searching for an answer. Of course I typed problem teen, difficult teen anything along that subject. And whoala there is was with every search. I figured if every search engine brings me back here this must be the answer. So I filled out that form and immediately I had an answer it was so easy. But thank goodness I am one of those people who likes options so came back today to start a whole new search. While doing that I received a brochure and video tape. I glanced through it and kept searching, that’s when I found your site. Well I say there is a God because I read your site from top to bottom and want to thank you for your informative information. With that I have decided to try some local counseling for my daughter and I will take it from there. I just wanted to thank you for opening the eyes of a desperate mother from making a very bad mistake. Thank you.

Desperate Mom
Andria P., NY

Hi Sue,
So happy there was a happy ending to your story. As I started to read as tired as my eyes were, I couldn’t stop. It was like reading a story I had wrote myself and I was just crying my eyes out. Things are going from bad to worse:( I am so drained from crying and I feel so sad. I have felt so sad for so long I don’t even remember how it was to feel happy anymore. On a happier note thank you for sharing your story. I for one really appreciate it.
Eileen T.

Dear P.U.R.E.
I recently received the information that you sent from your organization. I appreciate your quick response to my request and wanted to thank you for the reference material that you sent. As a case manager in the adolescent residential program at The Starting Place, Inc. my role is vital to helping parents and their teens find appropriate referrals for aftercare. I also assist them in finding alternative placement when our program is no longer or not able to help them to accomplish their goals or meet their specific needs. I am looking forward to utilizing your services and am planning to send some referrals your way.

Patricia W., B.S.
Res. Case Manager
The Starting Place, Inc

You are truly a blessing to me. Thank you so much for being there for me. You are an angel to many, you know that? Think of all the lives you have already touched. You are amazing! Nora

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your encouragement, helpfulness and love in action… Sherry

We so greatly appreciate your prayers for Laura…I am trying to leave it in God’s hands. Thanks again … for all your help Marry S.

Thank you for beautiful, inspirational words… Sara W.

What a world our children live in. It takes constant vigilance to protect them……Thank you again for your encouragement. Randy H.

Thank you for your wonderful encouraging email this morning. I took a copy to work and read it several times during the day… June G.

Thank you again for your kindness in helping parents get a glimpse of joy….. Sherry L.

Again, I want to thank you for the tremendous effort you have given to the referral program!!!! You have gone over and above the call of duty and I really appreciate it!!! Kimberly E.

Sue, I was thinking about you and the P.U.R.E. organization in last few days. I don’t know if you recall me. I spoke with you and the staff from August 2002 thru October 2002. You were immensely helpful to my wife and myself……

My learning’s and how to approach our problems started with finding you folks. My wife and I suffered for almost 3 years wondering what to do next, until I spoke with P.U.R.E……

Tom G., OH

Sue –

Thank you for the very, very prompt and humane reply. You are a credit to your profession. God Bless You.

Peter S., TX

It was such a pleasure speaking with you today. Thank you for taking your time to tell me about those options. What a special person you must be to have chosen the type of work you are doing. I am sure there is a place in heaven reserved for you.
Esther S., NJ

…We thank you for being there for us.
Lee W., NC

Thank you so much for the information. Your web site is wonderful!

Shane S., FL

Hi Sue,

It was really refreshing talking with you today. I felt better after we hung up. Thank you!

Michele S., OH

Hi Sue,

It’s [Name Withheld]. We spoke yesterday about the [Name Withheld]. Thank you for your kind words to me about my extensive research however I want to reiterate that it was through my discussions with you that I #1 realized I needed to do research because some programs weren’t safe but also you told me about the agencies and the what to do’s to really check out a place if I wanted to make sure it was right for my child. That I owe to you, I just did the leg work.
John H., TX

Thank you so much for your phone call. You have no idea what it did for me!!!!!!! I can actually see a light at the end of a black tunnel!!

Thank you so much for your help!! …. Kudos again to you & P.U.R.E. God was certainly answering my prayers when I found you!!!
Donna L., OH

Dear Sue,

Thank you for your quick reply. I contacted Marie today and she was wonderful to speak with. We are looking into the facilities she suggested. Thank you so much for your help.

Best regards,
Bridget L., MN

Dear Sue.

Thank you for your quick response and kind words….. I also appreciate your kind words.

May Almighty God help us as parents support our children through the many challenges of this present world.

God bless and guide us all to the best in this life and the hereafter.
Ibrahim S., FL

…With your help, I chose [Name Withheld]…..Thank you for your help, I couldn’t have done this as effectively or as quickly without your help. If there’s anything I can do to help you guys out, let me know.
David N., IL

Thank you for the information…. Marie was very helpful.
Nikki A., NY

I just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to thank you so very much for your quick response to my cry for help. I feel a sense of relief just knowing that there are options out there…. Renee S., FL

I appreciate the information, and its nice to know there are great resources out there when a parent is in a desperate (and very emotional) situation. Lori S., CT

I am so thankful that there is a resource such as your organization out there, for parents like myself. I am especially thankful that you were not another resource that wanted to charge me a large fee to help me find help in a desperate situation….. Donna J., SC

Thank you over and over again. I am still reading the many wonderful articles you have on this fantastic website. …You are a blessing in your efforts and success in helping families, single moms, and others who feel desperate as I do when time is running out.

Lisa E., OH

and many more…

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..and many more.

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