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The programs and schools are tuition based.

P.U.R.E.™ does not offer scholarships, grants, or financial aid, although we do offer advice on your financial options.

Note: if your prefer to speak to one of our consultants by phone, please call (954) 260-0805.

The information that you provide on this form is kept confidential.

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If your child is under 12 or over 21, we're not able to assist you.
If you are searching for scared straight programs or boot camps, contact your local sheriff's dept.
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The information that you provide on this form is kept confidential.

We help educate parents about the teen help industry and residential therapy programs that we have visited or have firsthand feedback on. We sometimes recommend adolescent services including schools, programs, treatment alternatives, therapists, and transport services; We do not own, control, manage, nor direct any individuals or companies that provide these services. We do not assume any liability or responsibility, implied or otherwise for said services. All liability or responsibility for any recommended services is assumed entirely by the service provider, as outlined in their individual enrollment agreements with the parent/sponsors.

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