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Student Disabilities

Teen Help: Issues Concerning Students With Disabilities

Posted by Sue Scheff on July 22, 2021  /   Posted in Teen Help

Understanding Student and Teen Disabilities

Help Your Teens PexelDisabaility-300x201 Teen Help: Issues Concerning Students With Disabilities Students with disabilities face many challenges in their learning process as compared to normal students. Several educational institutions have been created to cater for their special needs. Disabled students can be grouped into different sub-categories depending on the nature of the disability they have.

Physical Disability

“Students with physical impairments face a lot of challenges especially in a school environment,” says Amanda Gates, a health writer. There are students who do not have upper limbs; others do not have lower limbs. Such students suffer when it comes to mobility. Moving from one place to another is a very big problem for them. Most of them are sometimes frustrated because they feel as if other children do not want to associate with them.

Children with physical disability often times are not able to do certain things on their own; therefore parents will have to support them. Parents of such children are so frustrated to the extent that their children feel which affects the development of disabled children. Because of this kind of anger, their academic performance deteriorates a great deal.   Learning how to write is normally very challenging, therefore, teachers will have to always spend much time teaching such students.

Vision Disability

Blind students also face many challenges in their pursuit of education. Someone must always be present to ensure that they are safe. In most schools, blind children are sometimes being mocked by other students from neighboring schools and this actually affects them academically. This situation normally occurs in their first years of school life. “Unlike normal students, blind students need to read using Braille, which requires extra effort to learn,” notes Brian Winston, Managing Medical Writer. In most cases, teachers who are working with blind children do not understand how best to teach blind students because they were never taught in the same way. Perhaps, their teacher training programs did not prepare them well.

Hearing disability

Teaching a student with hearing problems is not an easy task. Teachers need to invest a lot of time teaching them how to use sign language. Special attention should be given to such students  in order for them to learn effectively. In the society, for example, you will realize that very few deaf people are employed in high profile jobs. Consequently, because deaf students lack role models who have achieved positively, they do not get motivated to work harder resulting in poor performance in their respective schools. Parents of deaf students should play a major role in their children’s education.

Spinal Cord Disability

Students with spinal cord disability face more serious problems with regard to their education. This kind of disability differs significantly from one individual to the other. There are those students who cannot move without the use of the wheelchair and this poses a major problem in a school environment. Such students will not be able to do certain things on their own resulting in poor performance.

In some cases, socializing with their peers is not possible because they cannot engage in school physical exercises. Isolation is very common among such students because normal students do not understand what happened to them. When such things happen to them, they feel unwanted and rejected making them not to achieve their goals in life.

Head Injuries

Brain injuries differ from one person to the other. As time advances, the effects become unique to an individual especially for students pursuing education. A student who sustains head injury can sometimes find studies very challenging because of brain damage resulting from heavy impact. Impaired judgment is one of the characteristics associated with this kind of injury, which normally results in poor performance. Most brain injuries can sometimes be fatal; therefore, teachers attending to such students should be extra cautious when handling them.

Cognitive Disability

Help Your Teens PexelCognitiveDisabl-300x198 Teen Help: Issues Concerning Students With Disabilities Teachers have encountered students with varying disabilities. Cognitive disability is one of them. Students with this kind of disability find it hard to grasp information faster as compared to their counterparts. Studies have shown that their intelligence quotient is below average.

Therefore, their respective teachers should try to learn the methodology of teaching them in order for them to become productive people in their mature life after school.

Conclusively, it is evident that students with disabilities have several issues affecting them negatively in their process of learning. Parents and teachers should work closely to ensure that these students are provided with the best education possible. Governments should take a key role in ensuring that their citizens with disabilities are offered the best education. This can only be achieved by training teachers properly.

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