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How to Stop Teen Sibling Conflict

Why Does My Teen Hate Their Sibling?   Parents must be able to distinguish between healthy sibling conflict and damaging abuse. Sibling rivalry is a normal, and mostly harmless, part of growing up. Siblings often compete without anyone getting hurt. These...

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How to Handle Teen Destructive Behavior

Teen Destructive Behavior Can Break a Family   Maybe you removed their smartphone, possibly shut-down the gaming devices -- or told them they couldn't attend a party and suddenly your home becomes a warzone. Parents today feel like they are walking on eggshells...

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Why Behavioral Therapy Can Help Your Teen

How Behavioral Therapy Benefits Troubled Teens   Behavioral therapy is an umbrella term for types of therapy that treat mental health disorders. This form of therapy looks to identify and help change potentially self-destructive or unhealthy behaviors. It’s based...

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Ways to Improve Your Teen’s Mental Health

4 Health and Wellbeing Tips to Help Your Teen's Mental Health   It is important that throughout life we take the time to look after both our minds and our bodies. There are many helpful tips and tricks out there that can help maintain your health and well-being...

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Smile and Succeed Book for Teens

A Crash Course in Face-to-Face Communication   Is your teen prepared for the real world of personal communication? Set your kids up to succeed with the lost art of social and job skills.   "Smile & Succeed for Teens is a fantastic resource to help teens...

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Why Do Teens Fail in School?

Is Your Smart Teen Failing In School?     Finding out your smart teen has failing grades and may not be passing can be extremely stressful and frustrating. Failed classes lead to a lower GPA as well as may delay them graduating from high school on time. If...

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ReThink the Internet

How to Make the Digital World a Lot Less Sucky   A new book, ReThink the Internet, by Trisha Prabhu is a must have (read) for all tweens and teens!   Yes, parents absolutely should read it too! It's time to:   Stop hate. Promote Kindness. Be an...

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Where Do Bullies Learn to Be So Mean?

Could Your Teen Be a Bully?   Imagine being a fly on the wall in your daughter’s elementary school class. The teacher introduces a new boy who has just moved into town and then asks the kids to welcome him to the class. It’s obvious that he’s uncomfortable. After...

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What Is Wilderness Therapy?

Does Your Troubled Teen Need Wilderness Therapy?   What is wilderness therapy? Wilderness therapy is an experiential form of therapy that combines outdoor experiences and therapy sessions.  If you hired an educational consultant that you paid thousands of dollars...

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My Teen Is Refusing Therapy

What to Do If Your Teen Refuses Therapy   First understand you are not alone. You can feel powerless when you know your teen needs therapy, yet they refuse to go. Often at this stage, parents have tried everything they can think of to help, yet the teen continues...

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How to Help Your Teen With Panic Attacks

Panic Attacks for Teens Stem from Anxiety   Panic disorder is an anxiety disorder that causes a person’s brain to suddenly go into fight-or-flight mode at any given moment, even though there’s no actual threat or danger.   Most teens experience moments of...

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What Is a Therapeutic Boarding School?

Does My Teen Need a Therapeutic Boarding School?   Has your struggling teen been referred to a therapeutic boarding school? Maybe you have exhausted your local resources -- therapy at home isn't working, you have tried out-patient and even had a short hospital...

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Do You Suspect Your Teen Is Using Drugs?

"I Think My Teen Is Using Drugs"   When safety trumps privacy, it's time to snoop.   Let's face it, teenagers can be very sleek at concealing what they are doing. Parents have a difficult task of keeping up with their teen's activities, grades, friends and...

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How Music Therapy Heals Troubled Teens

Music Therapy Can Help Teens with Mental Health     From stress relief and self-soothing to emotion regulation and physiological benefits, music plays a powerful role in mental health and well-being for many people. For teens, music often takes on an even...

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How to Handle My College Teen Using Drugs

Do You Suspect Your College Teen is Abusing Drugs?     Has your teen (young adult) moved back home from college for the summer? Your family is likely thrilled to have them under your roof again, but may be experiencing a bit of tension, fueled by your...

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How to Plan Your Teen’s Surprise Party

Planning the Perfect Surprise Party for Your Teen: A Step-By-Step Guide     It’s no secret that raising a teenager can be difficult. They’re in the process of figuring out who they are, and they often push their parents away as they try to establish their...

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How Art Therapy Benefits Troubled Teens

Why Art Therapy Helps Mental Health   Art therapists are specially trained in both psychological and artistic principles. This training directs them in choosing the materials and focus appropriate to a teens' specific needs.   Many residential treatment...

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Why Short Talks Build Strong Relationships

How 15 Minutes Talks Can Strengthen Your Teen Relationship     Did you know that spending 15 minutes a day listening and talking with your child can help build the foundation for a strong relationship and provide support that he/she can come to you with a...

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How to Help My Teen Handle Cyberbullying

5 Ways to Help Your Teen Deal with Cyberbullying     Developing digital resilience will help your teen handle online bullying and cruelty. We are facing a time when kids of all ages struggle with thoughts of suicide. According to one study, young people that...

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The Sleep Deprived Teen

Why Our Teenagers Are So Tired, and How Parents and Schools Can Help Them Thrive   (Healthy sleep habits, Sleep patterns, Teenage sleep)   An Eye-Opening Parenting Guide for Better Teenage Sleep     In The Sleep-Deprived Teen, parenting journalist...

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Talking To Teens About Tragedy

How to Talk to My Teen About Tragedy   Many of us remember Columbine and Sandy Hook as if it was yesterday. Since then the number of shootings, including school tragedies is overwhelming. It never gets easier to hear about, but what's more concerning is the...

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How to Deal With My Teen Being Arrested

What to Do When My Teen is Facing Legal Troubles     A parent’s worst fear is getting that phone call from school or in the middle of the night, notifying you that your teenager has been arrested. Unfortunately, there are circumstances in which this is a...

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Why Does My Teen Yell and Scream at Me

How to Deal with Teen Anger and Rage   Adolescents are growing and changing. And the hormones that drive puberty can have a big impact on mood. When teens seem like they’re overreacting it’s important to remember that they’re less able to manage big feelings,...

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How to Deal With Teen Manipulation

Why is My Teen Manipulative?   Teenage manipulation is also a form of bullying.   Parenting teens is challenging today, dealing with an manipulative teenager can be extremely frustrating and draining. Not only are young people capable of bullying their...

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How to Help Your Teen Handle Peer Pressure

Why Does My Teen Choose Negative Peer Groups? Ways to Help Your Teen Deal with Peer Pressure   Acceptance can be everything to a teenager. Peer pressure can lead your teen in either a good direction or in some cases, making very poor choices. For example if your...

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How to Handle Teenage Lying

Why Does My Teen Lie? 5 Ways to Handle Teenage Lying   It can be extremely frustrating when our teens lie. Many of us remember being youths ourselves and not being completely honest with our parents, but today we are dealing with so much more -- especially when...

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How to Know If My Teen Is Narcissist

Why is My Teen a Narcissist? Teen Narcissism Can Be Normal Teen Behavior   The term "narcissist" is usually used to describe someone who is vain, as opposed to someone who has a narcissistic personality disorder—which is a diagnosable mental health condition....

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What to Do When Your Teen Hates You

Why Does My Teen Hate Me? When Your Teen Says "I Hate You!"   Many of us have been there, especially if you are visiting this site. No matter how great a parent you’ve been, at some point, your teenager will pull away from you. The good news is that this is...

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How to Know Your Teen Has Bipolar Disorder

Why is My Teen Moody? Bipolar disorder in Teens is Often Misdiagnosed   Since teens' first symptoms are often the same as someone suffering from major depressive disorder, they are often mislabeled as depressed or suffering from anxiety. Many children suffering...

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Raising Humans In A Digital World

Raising Humans In A Digital World   Helping Teens Build a Healthy Relationship with Technology   Sexting, cyberbullying, revenge porn, online predators… all of these potential threats can tempt parents to snatch the smartphone or tablet right out of their...

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