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Teens That Harm Animals

A Teen that Hurts Animals Requires More Intensive Treatment

Since 2001 we’ve been educating parents on teen help programs, therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers. Typically we speak with families that are struggling with good teens making bad choices.

Many are entitled, defiant, experimenting with drugs or drinking, vaping, underachieving in school or hanging with a negative peer group. Some have become addicted to their electronics – from social media to gaming.

There are behavioral issues that are beyond our scope that require more intensive help, such as an adolescent hospital or other services.

Issues we can’t assist with are the following:

-Teens/children that harm or abuse animals
-Fire starters
-Gang members
-Molest children or others
-Students will less than a 70 IQ
-Extreme violence towards people
-Psychosis such as diagnosed with schizophrenia

We encourage parents to contact their local therapists for referrals for more help.

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