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Naomi C., TX

Posted by on May 12, 2015  /   Posted in

Dear P.U.R.E.
You certainly were helpful. I still have my daughter at home & we are trying to work things out. She is basically on house arrest. I am grateful that I bumped into your organization or I might have made the same sort of mistake that the founder did when I found the less expensive option. Before I spoke to you specifically about programs, I had e-mailed the contact person from there & was using a tid-bit of info that I had gotten from you. I simply asked if they had counseling on site at each of their locations & if it was included in the price he had given me since there shouldn’t be one single teen in crisis that doesn’t receive counseling. He didn’t respond via e-mail but left me a VM. I felt he was evading a simple question. I didn’t bother calling him back. You were so honest and upfront with me.

Thanks again. God Bless You!

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