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Parent Testimonials for 20 Years!

Since 2001 we’ve been educating parents about the teen-help industry.

Contact us before you make this major emotional and financial decision for your family.

Victor, NJ

Thank you so much for all that you do. It really matters!

Sharon, WA

Donna, Your support helped me feel good about moving forward, since it was a very difficult decision to make. So know that the work you do is very much appreciated, and I am so glad we found our way to you at that point in our son's life.  

Paula K., MD

Sue, I had a good feeling that someone was going to appear in my life that will help me find the right program for my daughter should we need it and poof there you are! Very grateful.

Lauren, CA

Sue, Thank you so much for helping us parents navigate at such a difficult time!

Kelly, CA

Thank you for all the helpful information you have provided us and all the time spent to help us seek resources.

Carol, FL

Thank you for all this wonderful information. I really appreciate what you and your company is doing.

Debbie S., IL

Sue, Cannot thank you enough for your time and openness as I have to make many difficult decisions ahead! I also appreciate the follow up information....I will definitely start doing my homework....thank you for pointing me in the correct direction!

Ken and Sally, NJ

Dear Sue, I wanted to follow up on this and other messages and thank you for all of your help with us getting [name withheld] placed. The Covid-19 issue wreaked havoc, but recently our son went to Utah for a two-week quarantine and is now taking part in his first week at [name withheld for privacy]. He has a good attitude and all of the staff at the program have been great about reaching out to us and sharing their program goals and vision. We wanted to thank you for helping us with this very difficult decision and providing such thoughtful recommendations. We are forever grateful for your help and guidance. Thanks again, Ken and Sally

Jaclyn P., IL

Sue, I can’t thank you enough for taking your time to look into this so thoroughly. I really appreciate your efforts, experience and your wise words.

Mia S., NC

Sue, Thank you so much. You’ve given me direction in this most difficult overwhelming process. Thank you again.

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