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Since 2001 we’ve been educating parents about the teen-help industry.

Contact us before you make this major emotional and financial decision for your family.

Tom G., OH

Sue, I was thinking about you and the P.U.R.E. organization in last few days. I don't know if you recall me. I spoke with you and the staff from August 2002 thru October 2002. You were immensely helpful to my wife and myself...... My learning's and how to approach our problems started with finding you folks. My wife and I suffered for almost 3 years wondering what to do next, until I spoke with P.U.R.E......

Kimberly E.

Again, I want to thank you for the tremendous effort you have given to the referral program!!!! You have gone over and above the call of duty and I really appreciate it!!!

Sherry L.

Thank you again for your kindness in helping parents get a glimpse of joy

June G.

Thank you for your wonderful encouraging email this morning. I took a copy to work and read it several times during the day...

Randy H.

What a world our children live in. It takes constant vigilance to protect them......Thank you again for your encouragement.

Sara W.

Thank you for beautiful, inspirational words...

Marry S.

We so greatly appreciate your prayers for Laura...I am trying to leave it in God's hands. Thanks again ... for all your help


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your encouragement, helpfulness and love in action...


You are truly a blessing to me. Thank you so much for being there for me. You are an angel to many, you know that? Think of all the lives you have already touched. You are amazing!

Patricia W., B.S.

Dear P.U.R.E. I recently received the information that you sent from your organization. I appreciate your quick response to my request and wanted to thank you for the reference material that you sent. As a case manager in the adolescent residential program at The Starting Place, Inc. my role is vital to helping parents and their teens find appropriate referrals for aftercare. I also assist them in finding alternative placement when our program is no longer or not able to help them to accomplish their goals or meet their specific needs. I am looking forward to utilizing your services and am planning to send some referrals your way. Patricia W., B.S. Res. Case Manager The Starting Place, Inc

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