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Why Is It Harder for Adopted Teens to Study

The Challenges for Adopted Teens and Studying

Help Your Teens FreePikTeenStress-300x197 Why Is It Harder for Adopted Teens to Study Children are god-gifted. A house does not feel like a house if the walls have not heard the giggles of children. No doubt children can get messy, stubborn, annoying, etc. but that is who they are!

But sometimes God has different plans for a few children. They are born without a family. And these children have to take extra efforts and create their own family.

They may be known as adopted children but they truly are special. Nobody has the privilege of choosing their parents, but these children do.

But life does not come easy to them. When I was into social projects, and use to buy dissertation online, I often use to come across many cases of adopted children and learned a lot about their problems. Moreover, I found that some of them have such mesmerizing life experiences while some of them are built from the fire!

But my experiences tell me that adopted children have a different point of view in everything. They actually see the world differently. But sometimes it gets tough for them to concentrate, adjust and adapt to the new surroundings. And this affects their studies.

However, here are the top three reasons why it is harder for adopted children to study.

  1. They have trust issues

If you are an adopted teen, it is normal for you to have trust issues. You are trying to fit in a family that was not yours. They are new people, plus you are not genetically connected to them. So both sides have to observe and learn.

Thus, when they are trying to adapt to the new home, it is natural that the school will be sidelined. So, this time taken to build the trust of the new parents might adversely affect the school life. This in turn affects academics.

Plus, the teen may or may not be able to make friends quickly as their mind is already in turmoil.

  1. Acceptance takes time

Adopted children have to learn to accept new things in a limited period of time. Now, this messes up the mind. Accepting someone like your parents and learning things their way takes time.

Thus, they have a hard time concentrating on the important stuff as they are trying to fit themselves into a whole new world. Moreover, an adopted child may throw tantrums, get angry easily and even show hatred signs. But a parent needs to handle all of this and more very patiently.

Thus, by the time acceptance comes, sometimes the days of learning are wasted. This makes the child tough to study further.

  1. They are curious

If a child knows that they are adopted when they are teenagers or older, it takes time for them to accept the truth.

In fact, they get curious and want to find out who their parents were, why you adopted them, or feel disturbed about the fact. They may have had a beautiful childhood, but this may come as a shocker.

The mind will not let them concentrate on anything. In fact, they will be thinking about it all the time and thus affecting their studies.

 To conclude:

You need to be patient and calm when you tell the truth to the child. And if an older child is getting adopted, they may take sufficient time to get adjusted. In the meanwhile, try to give them a peaceful atmosphere.

If you do not want their studies to be affected, let them take their own time. The more time you give them, the more easily they will accept the new situation.

Also, speak to the homeroom teacher and explain your situation. Teachers are a child’s best friends after parents.

Guest contributor: Bernard Williams

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